Welcome to My Blog – Getting to Know Me

Hi! I thought for this first post it might be nice to share a bit about myself so you can get to know me. I’m Kelly, I live in Cincinnati with my husband of almost 14 years and three children. I have an 11-year-old son and 7-year-old twins (a boy and girl). Yes, twins…it was and is hard at times, but we are doing it and thriving. Matter of fact we knew it was a potential because we had to do fertility treatments to conceive them. Our journey through infertility is a story all in itself, I will share about that in another post. But, if you are going through infertility, I would love to help you make sense of the journey and see how you can actually make it a personal, marital, and spiritual growth opportunity. I’ve been there and know how hard it can be.

I absolutely love being a wife and mother and strive to keep a healthy life balance so that I am my best for my family and clients. One of the personal strategies I put in place to make this happen is running. I ran track in college and have continued to use this as a form of exercise and stress relief. A good 3-4 mile run can really refresh my mind, relieve my stress, and let me eat guilt free (because I also love food). Particularly, I enjoying baking: bread, cookies, cupcakes, pies….all of it!

I also enjoy the outdoors. I can be outdoors gardening, playing ball with my kids, walking, relaxing on the patio, just about anything on a warm sunny day and feel good. Finding the activities that rejuvenate me has been another key aspect of life balance and being my best. I believe that we all can stretch our potential when we tap into the things that give us energy and strength; we just need to identify them and figure out how to best use them. Along with knowing the worldly things that I enjoy, I find my true strength in Christ. My faith is my foundation; it manifests through my everyday and guides me. This is why I am equipped and comfortable incorporating faith into my work whenever a client desires. It is not something everyone chooses to bring into counseling and coaching but is a resource I am confident using in our work.

One other part of my life that I am passionate about is equity. I was part of starting and co-lead a parent equity group at my children’s school. This is another area that I see change and growth needed individually and societally. I am passionate to bring more light on racial awareness and cultural competency. There is too much division among people right now that could change if we begin to embark on tough conversations, gaining self-insight, and empowering ourselves with knowledge. This is something that I spend a good amount of time researching, cultivating, and implementing that I will share more about in future posts.

I hope this has been a start in getting to know me, seeing that I am a real person, I work through daily struggles big and small just like everyone else, and continue to work on personal growth and stretching my potential.