Enjoying The Holidays

I love the holidays, but have gone through many seasons of feeling exhausted by the time January rolled around. For me this exhaustion has come from busyness, expectations, family gatherings, out of routine schedules (not exercising or fueling my body with healthy foods), and spending money. The holiday season may be one that you love but even those that look forward to the holidays often experience stress this time of year. The stress you feel may be similar to mine or it may be associated with crowds, indulgences, work expectations, rest, or maybe depression associated with seasonal changes. I found a few resources that offer tips on how to fight holiday stress and feel your best so that you do not make decisions today that you will regret in days or weeks to come:




I hope you find some helpful tips within these resources. If you would like to explore how to implement them into your unique lifestyle or arrange a workshop contact me: http://www.tristatecounselingandcoaching.com/contact/ .